Gas Services for Domestic and Tenanted Properties


Boiler Servicing

A regular annual boiler service will keep your boiler working efficiently and safely and can prolong the life of the boiler. Regular servicing can also reduce the risk of breakdowns. Gas boiler manufacturers also recommend your boiler is serviced every year.

An annual boiler service includes the following:-

Flue ways and terminals

 Ventilation Provision

 Gas pressure and heat input

The following boiler components:- Heat exchangers, burners, combustion fan, seals (gas and water), ignition systems

Performance test on all boilers with a suitable test point or accessible flue terminal

All visible pipework and controls

All radiators

Expansion tank (and vessel) and associated components

Advise on use of your present controls more efficiently

Our customers also appreciate our annual reminder for the various servicing, maintenance and inspections we offer.

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